Dell streaks into shops

Dell's Streak tablet goes on sale in the USA this week, finally giving Apple's iPad something to compete against.

The dodgy Texan outfit said the flat touch-screen phone gizmo will go on sale for $300 with a two-year contract with Apple's favourite carrier AT&T. It'll cost septics $550 to buy contractless.

The device has been on sale in the UK since June and the 16GB costs £400 from O2 on a pay-as-you-go basis. It comes free with one of those rip-off 14-month contract things. CEO Michael Dell then described, sales as "interesting, exciting" but admitted they wouldn't pay his wages.

The Streak is almost half the size of the iPad, and runs Google's Android operating system. Unlike the iPad the Streak is a mobile phone as well as a thing to look at pretty pictures on when the adverts come on the telly.

One thing the two devices have in common is that neither is able to run Adobe's Flash, which most web-based video happily uses. Dell plans to fix this sometime this year.

Apple doesn't, though it may be forced to.