Easy Jail breaking of an Apple device is now possible

Website Jailbreakme.com offers a simple way of jail breaking an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad by just visiting the website and letting them do all the hard work - so that non-iTunes App Store applications can be run from the device.

The website itself holds all the necessary tools for the automatic jail breaking of an Apple product, where the visitor just agrees to the process being run and in no time at all the device is unlocked.

It's been reported the jail breaking process does not free the iPhone from being locked to the mobile phone network it is subscribed to, instead it's only freed up to access applications from other sites besides the Apple App Store.

The browser based software takes control of the phone running any iOS below the latest 4.1 developers build, and then simply unlocks the phone in which the video below from the website 9to5mac.com clearly highlights.

Jail breaking of an iPhone or iPod Touch allows applications to be downloaded and used from resources such as Cydia - which holds software that wouldn't make it past Apple's reportedly strict qualifying process as to what the app can or cannot do.

However, Apple still regards jail breaking of a device as voiding the warranty no matter what the Government says in whatever country the site is being used within - the good news is, the process does appear to be reversible.

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com