EVGA releases silly PSU for silly motherboard

After realising that most power supplies don't have the stamina to deal with the demands of its flamboyant Classified SR-2 motherboard, EVGA has decided to do the job itself, releasing its own power supply with the same brand name.

EVGA first revealed its plans for an accompanying Classified SR-2 power supply a few months ago, but the company says the product is now finished and available in the shops.

EVGA's Classified SR-2 motherboard attempts to combine workstation and gaming tech in a single, colossal motherboard. Based on Intel's 5520 chipset, the board sports two sockets for Xeon 5600 and 5500 CPUs, as well as a huge rack of 12 DIMM slots and seven PCI-E graphics slots.

As such, it's no surprise that your average power supply would quake under the pressure of a fully loaded Classified SR-2 board. Realising this, EVGA's new Classified SR-2 power supply is certified for both Quad SLI and CrossFireX, and features six +12V rails, all of which are rated at 38A.

That's potentially a maximum of 456W on each rail, meaning you won't be able to stress out all six rails simultaneously, but you'll have plenty of headroom in the rails you're using.

However, EVGA claims the new PSU can happily supply 1,200W of power, and says this can be a continuous load, rather than just peak occurrences. The new PSU has also been awarded an 80plus Silver badge, meaning it has an efficiency rating of at least 85 per cent.

Meanwhile, a single 80mm fan sits on cooling duty, and its speed can be controlled via a knob on the back of the unit.

Plenty of cables are also provided in a modular format, so that you don't crowd your case with needless wires. Among the options are 12 eight-pin (6+2) PCI-E power connectors, as well as three standard six-pin plugs. Plus, there are also nine SATA connectors, six old-school Molex plugs and a single four-pin floppy connector.

There's no word on UK pricing yet, but you can grab yourself a Classified SR-2 power supply for $359.99 (£229.64) from EVGA's online store now.