Google Not Planning To Use Drones Yet

Search giant Google has said that it won't be using drones anytime soon to generate much detailed photos for its Street view and maps online services.

The fact that a Google executive who has an interest in robots purchased one of these flying drones was enough to fuel rumour mills.

Not surprisingly, the owner of the business who sold the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to Google added to the publicity by suggesting that the drones are "well suited to deliver up to date image material for Google Maps".

In the hindsight, it would have been ludicrously silly for Google to have thought of such an idea in the first place; there have been rumours in the past about Google deploying balloons for the same purpose, rumours that turned out to be unfounded.

A spokesperson for the Civil Aviation Authority confirmed to PC Pro that Google would require authorisation from the UK aviation body in order to operate any unmanned drones in the country's airspace.

Should Google explore innovative ways to improve Street View and Maps or should it keep way from our private lives? Have they indeed already gone too far?