Google Planning Mobile Event On Thursday

Google has sent invites for a Google Mobile event to be held on the 12th of August in San Francisco, one where it will unveil a couple of "cool new mobile" features.

Gizmodo, which received one of the invites, says that the last time that happened, Google unveiled turn-by-turn navigation, a feature that prompted others like Nokia to introduce free Satnav or to give their Satnav applications (like Skobbler Lite) for zilch.

Coincidentally, the Motorola Droid 2 will be officially released on that day. Many are expecting Google to unveil mobile video calling, which would make perfect sense given the fact that Apple has released Facetime, one feature that is still lacking on Android.

Others point out that it could well be the unveiling on Android OS 3.0 AKA Gingerbread while some say that Google may well showcase its Music service, one which has been in the pipeline for some time.

What features are Android missing? Is there anything that can be made better? What do you expect to see at this event?