iPhone 4 PAYG On Vodafone : The Best Yet If You Can Get it

Vodafone announced its own PAYG deal for the iPhone 4 yesterday, one outclasses the rest of the competition by providing more Wi-Fi quota.

Orange gives 250MB worth of data and 750MB of BT Wi-Fi Openzone each month for one year. Vodafone ups the ante by providing with 1GB of Wi-Fi quota. The price remains the same at £480 and £570 for the 16GB and the 32GB models respectively.

The problem though is that it is probably easier to get a loan from a government-sponsored high street bank than to get a PAYG iPhone 4 from any of the mobile phone operators in the country.

We called Vodafone and were told that they had sold ALL their iPhone 4 PAYG although they did promise that more stock was on the way. The phone is hardly available anywhere else.

Tesco Mobile has phased out the iPhone 4 completely saying that "it is currently not available on Tesco Mobile Pay as you go tariffs. Keep checking tescomobile.com and we'll let you know when it is."

O2 and 3 UK have yet to announce when they will sell the iPhone 4 on PAYG. Orange is OOS on the handset while you have to wait for three weeks to get the phone online from Apple store.