iPhone users get more sex according to survey

Users of Apple's iPhone have more sexual partners than any other app phone according to a survey.

The utterly unscientific poll conducted by dating site OK Cupid discovered that iPhone-toting men had an average of ten sexual partners by the time they reached 30, while BlackBerry users had managed only eight and Android-owning nerds trailed along with just six.

Intriguingly, iPhone-owning women fared even better than their male counterparts averaging 12 sexual conquests in the same time period.

The survey, which used a sample of over half a million user pictures, also rated the attractiveness of the subjects of the snaps based on the technology used to take them.

Disproving the theory that the camera never lies, the results of the survey showed that the more expensive the camera, the more attractive the picture was. Shots taken with fancy Panasonic and Leica cameras with interchangeable lenses were seen as far more appealing than those taken with point n shoot models.

Shots taken with mobile phones were generally seen as unattractive with Motorola at the bottom of the heap.

The blog posting insists: "The type and brand of camera you use has a huge effect on how good you look in your pictures."

However, possibly the most telling conclusion drawn from the survey is reserved for Apple and its annoyingly omnipresent iPhone. In the words of the blog's author, "Finally, statistical proof that iPhone users aren't just getting f***ed by Apple."