iPhone Users Have More Sex Says Survey

iPhone owners have more sex than other smartphone owners, a new survey compiled by online dating platform OKCupid has found.

The survey, based on the interviews of 9,785 smartphone owners aged 30, found that men using Apple's device had an average of 10 sexual partners.

Men who owned BlackBerry and Android smartphones had an average of 8.1 and 6 sexual partners respectively.

Women with iPhones were the most sexually active, with average of just over 12 of sexual partners.

Women using BlackBerry smartphones had on average 8.8 sexual partners. Female Android were found to have just over 6 partners.

The figures were released as a part of an OkCupid study into which type of photographs yielded the most positive results on the platform.

The website found that best photographs were take from a DLSR camera, and that point and shoot cameras and cell phone cameras took the worst photos.

OkCupid concluded that mobile phone cameras added almost 7 years to an individual's photograph.