Linux Foundation Issues New Rules on Using Open Source

The Linux Foundation has released a new open-source software compliance program for software makers who are willing to incorporate open-source offerings into their products, but are concerned about software licensing issues.

The Open Compliance Program will offer a comprehensive assessment checklist, as well as software tools and training exercises on regulating the use of open-source software.

The not-for-profit Linux organisation explained that the compliance program was vital for the growing mobile device and consumer electronics market, in which manufacturers often used code from a number of different sources, including open source.

Jim Zemlin, director of the Linux Foundation, told tech mag PC World in a statement: “You have a really complicated supply chain, where you might get source code coming from lots of different places, whether it is a chipset vendor, a mobile handset provider or embedded software vendor,”

Zemlin explains that the reason behind the launch of the Open Compliance Program is that many software makers were unclear about the right way to go about for using open-source offerings in their services.