News@5: Vodafone iPhone 4 PAYG, Google Street View & Skype

Twitter is preparing to offer its promoted tweets products to third party developers for testing and trial purposes. The micro blogging platform has offered developers of third party websites access to two of its promoted products, Twitpic and TweetDeck.

Vodafone has announced its own PAYG deal for the iPhone 4 yesterday, one outclasses the rest of the competition by providing more Wi-Fi quota. The company is charging £480 and £570 for the 16GM and 32 GM models receptively, along with providing 1GB worth of Wi-Fi use.

Google has implemented a number of major changes to its web-based email service Gmail. In particular, the search giant has given Gmail's contact manager tools a much-needed makeover.

BSkyB has launched a legal challenge against the registration of the trademark Skype, claiming that it is too similar to its own brand, Sky. Partially owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, BSkyB is contesting the use of the name, Skype, in the European Union, India, Norway and Brazil.

Google is facing fresh criticism from privacy regulators in Germany over its plans to launch the Street View service in the country. On Tuesday, Google announced the deadline of the first launch of its controversial Street View service in Germany.