Nintendo To Launch Next Gen Wii With Blu-ray In 2011?

Japanese manufacturer Nintendo will apparently launch the second version of its uber popular Wii console in 2011 according to rumours that have surfaced online.

Vikki Blake from GGS received intel from one source that validates another rumour from late 2009 about the console sporting a Blu-ray drive, 1080p, worldwide release and a trade-in plan that Nintendo would be putting in place.

Blake stresses the fact that she is NOT confirming the fact that the specs are true, just that the Japanese gaming giant will be launching the Wii 2 with a Blu-ray drive in 2011.

The Blu-ray bit is particularly interesting since it will apparently reduce the propensity of gamers to pirate their games, something that remains to be seen.

No launch date (or even approximate window period) has been confirmed but it is likely that the console will be released for the holiday period in 2011.

What features should be present on the Nintendo Wii 2? Will you be an early adopters? Do comment below.