Retina Display, Dual Cameras Coming To Apple iPod Touch?

The next Apple iPod Touch may well come with two cameras and the iPhone's famed Retina display if John Gruber is to be believed.

The owner of Daring Fireball, one of Apple's most vocal commentator, pulled out the statement while ranting about the arrival on market of the Dell Streak which will cost $300 on a two year contract and $550 without.

He pointed out that the Streak costs nearly twice the price of the iPod Touch before adding that the next one will come with Retina display and two cameras, something that makes perfect sense.

One prediction we made was that Apple will stick to the same enclosure and electronics that it used for the iPhone when building the iPod Touch simply as it makes more sense thanks to economies of scale.

Therefore, expect a 3.5-inch display with a 960x640 pixels resolution with up to 64GB storage, an Apple A4 processor, a front facing and a 3.2-megapxiel camera at the back and obviously Facetime.

The question that comes to mind though is whether Apple (and its suppliers) will have enough capacity to deliver another few million parts for the iPod Touch.

Are you looking to buy a next generation iPod Touch? Is it worth investing in one? Let us know your thoughts.