Twitter To Roll Out Promoted Tweets To Third Party Apps

Twitter is preparing to offer its promoted tweets products to third party developers for testing and trial purposes.

The micro blogging platform has offered developers of third party websites access to two of its promoted products, Twitpic and TweetDeck, the Telegraph has reported.

Writing on the Twitter Development Talk Google Group, Twitter developer advocate Matt Harris wrote: “During this period, we aim to learn a lot, and we will apply those lessons when we expand distribution of Twitter Promoted Products to the broader ecosystem.”

The Promoted Tweets advertising platform, launched in April this year, has been used by popular brands, such as Virgin America, to post advertisements. Promoted Tweets was followed by Promoted Trends in June.

According to Ian Dodsworth, founder and chief executive of TweetDeck, the application is being made available as a beta for public for device testing.

He also said that the application is a representative of the company’s future application for Apple devices.