UK Indie Games Developers Focus On Self-Publishing

UK games developers are increasingly looking to create games for Apple's iPhone platform, turning away from producing games for consoles.

According to The Financial Times, a survey conducted by trade body Tiga has revealed that around two-thirds of UK game developers preferred self-publishing their own titles rather than going to an established game publisher.

This is said to be thanks to the emerging role of the internet as a cheaper way to market and sell products.

Tiga found that more than half of game developers preferred releasing their titles for Apple's iPhone platform, simply because of the increasing popularity of the device.

The study showed that more than one-third of UK game developers are adopting the PC as their platform of choice and that lessening numbers of independent game publishers are creating games for Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Speaking to The Financial Times, Tiga CEO Richard Wilson, said: “Self-publishing offers developers the chance to produce a more diverse range of products at differing price points. It also offers the opportunity for developers to establish and maintain a direct connection with consumers.”