White Apple iPhone 4 Smartphone To Come In Q4 2010?

Customers looking to buy a white iPhone 4 may have to wait until next year according to Orange.

TiPB reports that the mobile phone operator replied to a customer email saying that there won't be any white iPhone in the UK until the end of the year without giving more details.

Coincidentally, pictures of a white iPhone have appeared in the wild although there are claims that it is merely a black iPhone that has been modified to look like a white one.

Smart retailers in China are already starting to sell DIY kits that allow owners of black iPhones to convert their handsets at a cost.

There are even websites that allow you to buy white iPhone 4 parts complete with the Apple stamp with some customers reporting that the whole conversion operation takes as little as 20 minutes to complete.

That said, Steve Jobs did allude to the white iPhone coming towards the end of September during the now infamous Antennagate event last month.

It has been suggested that manufacturing the white iPhone 4 is proving to be more challenging than first thought particularly as the company looked for the right paint thickness & opacity.