Apple CDMA iPhone 4 In The Works, Codenamed N92

John Gruber, the nearest thing Apple has to an oracle, has revealed today that Apple indeed has a CDMA iPhone 4 in the works, one which carries the sweet (internal) name of N92.

Gruber, from Daring Fireball, says that the phone is scheduled to be launched in January 2011, possibly at CES in 2011 and may well add one million units to the iPhone 4's already stratospheric sales figures.

Sources have confirmed that the phone is currently at Engineering Verification Test stage, one step before Device Verification Test which would be the last stage before the phone goes on production.

Gruber was keen to stress that there hasn't been anything confirmed with Verizon Wireless yet, the biggest CDMA network in the US and it is very unlikely that it will be revealed until the very last moment.

Furthermore, there are other big CDMA players around that Apple may well be targeting like China Telecom and Sprint; indeed, it may well be a matter of Apple looking to focus more on marketshare rather than profits.

Do you think that Apple should start focusing on making the iPhone 4 more popular rather than more profitbale? Should they release cheaper models of the iPhone?