Apple Plans Mid-September Music Event

Apple is set to hold its annual September musical event, but no exact date has yet been confirmed.

Tech news site All Things D reports that the event, which mainly focuses on iPod and iTunes, was held for the first time in September 2005 and that Apple has continued to hold it around the second week of September each subsequent year.

Speculation is rife about the content of the 2010 event, as Apple has traditionally use this platform to announce updates and new releases for iPods and iTunes.

Industry insiders expect Apple to roll out its under-development cloud-based iTunes, along with several add-on features to the iPod Touch, which may include a front-facing camera.

Sceptics, citing previous rumours, claim that Apple won't be announcing the cloud-based iTunes and will stick to iPod Touch enhancements.

Previously, rumours about delays in the development of the cloud based iTunes had surfaced, with sources suggesting that Apple is yet to acquire the relevant music licences for the platform.

Last year's musical event held in San Francisco, was Apple’s chief Steve Job's first public appearance following liver transplant surgery.