Comment : iPhone Users More Promiscuous Than Others

OKCupid's article about sexual activity by smartphone brand has been widely reported on the internet and the fact that female users of an iPhone handset have twice the average number of sexual partners at 30 is telling.

Put that aside though as OKCupid managed to crunch nearly 10,000 profiles out of the 3.5 million that the site has. The dating website did not tell exactly how they did aggregate the data or what questions were asked, other than saying hat they crossed the kinds of user behaviours with the camera models.

Apart from the fact that most Android smartphone users are likely to be still virgins by the time they reach 19 (so says the data), the graph also shows how promiscuous iPhone users are in general with around 16 different bed partners by the time they turn 40.

Rather than being something to be proud of, some commentators say that iPhone owners might actually be trying to compensate for "something".

Others point out to the fact that the open-sourced Android are likely to be owned by nerds who are likely to have fewer sexual partners and possibly learn more towards monogamy while business-oriented Blackberry owners may well not have enough time to even think about bedding someone.

What's more interesting though is that OKCupid published another article about the big lies in online dating which was published last month.

Unsurprisingly, telling lies about own own sexuality (and possibly the number of people one has slept with) was found to be very widespread.