ELSPA Announces UK PC Download Chart

The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA) has announced plans to launch a UK download chart for online PC game sales.

ELSPA has convinced games publishers to provide it with download sales to help it develop a digital chart downloaded games, tech news site Tech Watch has reported.

Publishers including Ubisoft, THQ, Sega, NCsoftMastertronic, Kalypso Media, Midas Interactive, and Square Enix will be providing the ELSPA with the information to compile the chart.

Tallying, which will include publisher’s data along with download services, has already been contracted to start developing Chart-Track, a closed beta version of the service.

"It is great to be working with members to build a report which will not only deliver member value, but one which will help the industry realise its potential in an increasingly connected digital economy," said Sam Collins, commercial manager at ELSPA.

According to reports, the download chart is the first of its kind. No set date has yet been announced for its release, but industry experts suggest that it may be available by late Autumn.