G'Five Beating Apple, HTC, RIM In Global Mobile Race

One detail in the list of the biggest mobile companies in the world published earlier today by Gartner piqued our curiosity, the presence at number ten of a mobile phone company we've never heard before.

G'Five sold more than five million mobile phones in the world in the second quarter of 2010 and surpassed all other mobile phone manufacturers when it comes to rate of growth.

Not surprising, given that the G'Five only managed to shift significant amount of handsets less than one year ago. So fast was the rise that Gartner doesn't seem to know how much mobiles it sold last year.

The Chinese company, which was only launched in 2003, is battling with ZTE and Taiwan-based HTC to see who will sell the most units.

G'Five is mostly present in emerging countries and claims to have tens of factories and assembly lines in China and has launched more than 300 handsets.

Many of them boosts familiar designs (like the Sony Ericsson K660, Nokia E71 or the Blackberry Curve) but sport unfamiliar features like dual SIM, dual batteries and mobile TV.

Indeed, we suspect that many lookalike smartphones on sale on Ebay and countless online retailers (Alibaba, Dealextreme) are actually manufactured by G'Five.