Google Data Shows Facebook Reached Saturation In UK

Social Networking Giant Facebook has already reached saturation point according to data from Google Ad planner and Google Trends.

On Tuesday, Experian Hitwise, a web monitoring firm, reported that Britons spent only an average of 27.36 minutes on the social networking website, a 10 per cent decrease compared to December 2009.

Google's figures from Google Trends show that the amount of daily unique visitors for the social networking website has been plateauing since the beginning of the year and dropped at the beginning of June to its lowest point since January 2010.

Another Google tool, Ad planner, gives a similar perspective of Facebook's rise and suden plateauing.

According to Google, the number of daily unique visitors (based on cookies) on the website reached around 15 million at the beginning of the year and its estimate on the average time on site (26.66 minutes) is pretty accurate.

Facebook's biggest jump in recent times came at the beginning of the year. The site is still the second biggest in the country behind Google and Youtube, a meteoric rise given that it was only launched back in February 2004.

Has Facebook already lost its Mojo or is it just experiencing a temporary decline? Have you cut down on Facebook altogether or have you moved to mobile instead?