Google Releases New Chrome 6 Beta

Google has launched a new beta version of its Chrome 6 web browser.

Tech news site The H Open has reported that the beta has a 15 per cent speed increase based on the V8 benchmark, a synchronisation capability, enhanced sun spider benchmarks and an updated user interface.

Writing on the Chrome blog, James Hawkins, a software engineer at Google, wote: "In today’s new Google Chrome beta release, we’re introducing a host of new beta features which will further improve Chrome’s ease of use and speed."

"As previewed on the developer channel in June, we have streamlined the upper toolbar, made the Omnibox more approachable, and condensed all of our options into a single menu," he said.

"We hope that these visual changes will make Chrome feel even simpler."

The new beta also comes with an Autofill function, allowing users to fill their web forms almost instantly. It will also enable users to sync their Autofill data through their Google account.