India Sets BlackBerry Security Row Deadline

Research In Motion has been given until 31 August to allow the Indian government access to messages sent from BlackBerry devices, or face a suspension of services.

Indian government officials held a closed-door meeting with mobile network carrier BSNL to discuss the ban. However, the meeting ended in failure, the Guardian has reported.

"The meeting was inconclusive. No decision has been taken and we will hold further talks soon," said an official who did not wish to be named.

The government is afraid that the encrypted BlackBerry services, including Instant messaging, e-mails, SMS, and web browsing pose a great threat to national security and could lead to a terrorist attack potentially as devastating as an attack in Mumbai 2008.

The Indian government has threatened RIM to come up with a solution to address security concerns, or else its services used, by more than one million customers in the country, will come to a halt.