iPhone Exploit Code Made Public

Apple yesterday released an update which patches two vulnerabilities that are exploited in the Jailbreakme hack for iOS 4 devices.

Comex, the creator of the hack, has responded by publicly releasing the source code to the exploit, potentially allowing for it to be maliciously used by hackers in the wild.

According to tech news site Computer World, the source code could be used by hackers to run malicious code to acquire remote control of a jailbroken device.

This can be done by simply tricking the user into visiting a malicious website or click on a rogue e-mail or SMS.

In order to be protected against the vulnerabilities, users who jailbreak their iPhones using the tools provided by Comex will have to install the Apple update, which will restore the smartphone back to its original state.

It is suspected, however, that there will be many who would chose to keep the jailbreak, running the risk of a malicious attack, to keep their device open to use third party applications.

Security firms are advising users to install Apple's security update offered before the vulnerabilities can be exploited in the wild.