Jailbreak hacker unleashes exploit code

The hacker behind the jailbreakme.com exploit has posted the source code for the hacks just minutes after Apple plugged the hole.

In what seems to us like the worst case of sour grapes we've seen for some time, the hacker behind the browser-based jailbreak known only as Comex has freely distributed the nuts and bolts of the hack to anyone with access to the Internet.

It's not unusual for hackers to publish the source code of vulnerabilities after the hole which they opened up has been plugged, but releasing a highly dangerous hack into the wild on the same day as a patch is released is utterly irresponsible.

Millions of casual iDevice users will not even be aware that the iOS4.0.2 update has been released, let alone having the wherewithal to install it. For some it could be weeks, or even months, before they become aware of the issue. And Comex has exposed every one of those millions of users to every malicious toe-rag with basic hacking skills on the planet.

If you're one of the shrinking band of delusional people who think hackers are modern-day Robin Hoods freeing the people from the binding shackles of big business oppression, we can only hope that Comex's behaviour has modified your opinion.

With this single selfish act, he has exposed the average iPhone user to a world of pain, smug in the knowledge that his nerdy brethren are safe from harm.

Shame on you Comex. We used to think you were so cool. [Love bites, innit? Ed.]