Microsoft Advises Hotmail Users To Browse With Chrome

Microsoft has attracted the ire of Hotmail users around the world as persistent issues preventing them from accessing their accounts, e-mails, contacts and messenger.

Tech news site Computer World reported on Wednesday that Microsoft is holding outdated browsers responsible for access issues, despite originally saying that the newest Hotmail version supports IE6.

To fix the issues, Microsoft has recommended users access Hotmail through rival Google's Chrome web browser.

The latest version of Hotmail was launched back in June, but was followed by user complaints, written in the company's support forum, by July.

Some users have complaint that Microsoft has deleted their posts from their forum page, indicating that the company is not concerned about the issue.

“We appreciate everyone taking the time to report issues. The Hotmail Product group is using this information to create hotfixes to resolve these issues which are currently being released to the site,” said the company is a post on Windows Live help page.

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