Microsoft Dropping Dynamic Languages

Microsoft has back-tracked on its promise to continue the development of .NET dynamic languages.

Software engineer Jimmy Schementi, in-charge of the development of open source .NET dynamic language Ruby, called IronRuby, has left the company after he was asked to work on a different project.

He claims that the company has been relocating engineers working on IronRuby to other projects for over a year now.

Schementi wrote on a blog that the company's apparent "lack of commitment" was disappointing.

He started looking for other work options outside Microsoft after his manager asked him about his views on working on something other than Ruby.

He wrote: “If this direction for dynamic languages on .NET is a path you do not want Microsoft to take, I strongly suggest you provide feedback to the team’s management directly.”

Schementi appealed to the IronRuby and .NET communities to figure a way out to ensure the continued development of the IronRuby project, as Microsoft was plans to pull the plug on the open source project in the very near future.