Microsoft Filing Suggests Future 'Onit' Online Men's Magazine

Microsoft has filed a trademark application to register the name 'ONIT' for a website dedicated to men's interests.

First reported by Tech Flash's Todd Bishop, the website will offer content on entertainment, sports, fitness and recreation and leisure activities that may appeal to men.

Bishop speculates that the website's name is most likely to be 'Onit', similar to 'On it', which is synonymous with the phrase, 'Yeah, I'm on it.'

The portal is similar to the Glo online magazine for women, which was launched by MSN in April in partnership with Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. and BermanBraun.

Bishop points out the company does not own the domain as yet, so it remains to be seen how the company is going to use the trademark.

The web portal may be somehow be related to its Windows Phone 7, possibly designed for offering a dedicated lifestyle magazine or web portal for its male users.

Will a Glo-like magazine be able to appeal to men? Tell us what you think below.