Microsoft Launches 'Mission Critical' Support Service

Microsoft has released a new add-on for its Premier Mission Critical Support services, allowing enterprise customers to get personalised support from the company, instantly.

The Premier Mission Critical add-on will let customers to get specialised support for their most critical and complex solutions.

The company said that the add-on comes with a specially designed service and support program offering solution validation services, architectural reviews and problem resolution resources.

The new add-on is aimed at offering state-of-the-art support services for the most critical enterprise operations.

Highlighting the relevance of the service, the company explained that even if an organisation has a qualified IT department, there are some problems which require addressing instantly and expertise to resolve.

Norm Judah, chief technical officer, Microsoft Services, said in a statement: “It goes without saying that mission-critical solutions require higher levels of attention, given their potential to stop business in its tracks if an outage or other incident occurs.”