Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 3 Released

Mozilla has released the third beta version of its Firefox 4 web browser, bringing multi-touch capabilities to touch enabled Windows 7 systems and improvements to the browser's JavaScript rendering.

The new beta version of the browser, which has been launched for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms, has not updated the user interface, but has made essential changes to the way the browser handles JavaScript.

According to Mozilla, the Firefox 4 Beta 3 comes with improvements to the manner in which C++ represents JavaScript, which will allow the browser to run heavy numeric codes more effectively, so enhancing the graphics on web applications.

Mozilla said that the Multitouch API will not only bring touch navigation to Windows 7, but also allow developers to offer the functionality through add-ons.

The company said that it is looking for feedback from users of the new beta.

Mozilla said: “Firefox 4 Beta includes a Feedback Add-on with Mozilla Labs Test Pilot, which will ask you to take part in anonymous studies. You can choose to opt-out of any or all studies and manage your settings in the Feedback button.”