News@5: ELSPA Download Chart, Apple iTV & Tesco SIM Only Contracts

Viacom has filed a lawsuit to appeal against a previous court ruling that exempted Google and YouTube from charges of copyright infringement. The media company, on Wednesday, filed a case to appeal against a 23 June ruling by US District Court Judge Louis Stanton in the US Second Court of Appeals in Manhattan, New York.

Social networking giant Facebook has already reached saturation point in the UK, according to data from Google Ad planner and Google Trends. On Tuesday, Experian Hitwise, a web monitoring firm, reported that Britons spent only 27.36 minutes on the site in June/July, a 10 per cent decrease compared to December 2009.

The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA) has announced plans to launch a UK download chart for online PC game sales. ELSPA has convinced games publishers to provide it with download sales to help it develop a digital chart downloaded games.

Tesco is aiming to challenge Virgin Mobile as the biggest MVNO on the market by unveiling this morning a SIM only, monthly contract package. The package offers unlimited texts and 100 anytime, any network minutes for a mere £6 a month, or £72 per year.

Should Apple sell the rumoured iTV set top box for $99, it will not turn out a profit, our preliminary research on the bill of material found out. The Apple iTV is expected to be based on the iPhone 4 whose preliminary bill of material (BOM) estimate was published by iSuppli at the end of June 2010.