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Rackspace Unveils Cloud Servers For Windows

Cloud service provider Rackspace Hosting has rolled out its new cloud servers for Microsoft Windows, targeted at SMBs, .NET developers and system administrators.

The company said that the Windows dedicated cloud servers will not only provide hosting services for Windows deployment, but will also offer a highly scalable environment for software testing and development on the cloud.

Rackspace also specified that the cloud servers for Windows were capable of handling traffic for launching online gaming and social networking platforms.

John Zanni, the head of Microsoft's cloud based communications hosting division, said in a statement: “As a long time partner of one of the industry's top cloud hosting providers, we are excited that Rackspace's Cloud Servers for Windows offering has exited beta and is now available to the thousands of businesses.”

The Cloud Servers for Windows will come with enhanced management controls powered by Rackspace Cloud Control Panel and the Cloud Servers API, the ability to include additional IP addresses and native support for Windows enterprise servers.