Talktalk Line Rental Rise Puts Competitors In Limelight

The decision by Talktalk to align the price of its monthly line rental tariff on that of BT, by raising it by 55p to £12.04 a month may prompt some of us to look at competitors, especially as Talktalk is raising the price of daytime calls to 6.4p per minute.

Moneysavingexpert carries out a comprehensive quarterly survey of the telecommunications market and found out that the home phone saver package from Primus was the cheapest one on the market.

Customers will get a 3p day tariff with evening and weekend calls for free and they will pay only £8.99 per month with a 12-month contract, saving a not-so-insignificant cost £36.60 over a year; note that the deal is exclusively available from HomePhoneChoices.

The Post Office little known Home Phone package offers some pretty convincing deals for £12 per month, less than BT or Talktalk's bare services. Firstly, there's no long contract, then you also get UK mobile calls and calls to 40 international destinations for free during the weekend.

If you intend to stay with BT, you might want to look at their Line Rental Saver package which allows you to pay for your line rental on an annual basis and helps you save £24.60 with a total cost of £113.88.

Do you plan to switch your landline to another competitor or is it just too much hassle? We're keen to hear.