Tesco Mobile Unveils £6 SIM Only Unlimited Text Contract

Tesco is aiming to challenge Virgin Mobile as the biggest MVNO on the market by unveiling this morning a SIM only, monthly contract package that offers unlimited texts and 100 anytime, any network minutes for a mere £6 a month, that's right, £72 per year.

The deal, which Tesco Mobile says is the cheapest, highlights the growing demand for SIM only packages at a reasonable price says the grocery giant. Users will also be able to collect clulbcard points as well, 144 in all, for one year with the contract period being only 30 days.

Tesco Mobile still doesn't have the deal on its website though; the cheapest deal currently costs £10 with 250 minutes and unlimited texts, add another fiver and you get double inclusive calls and 500MB worth of web and data download as well.

Research by Tesco showed that users spending less than £10 per month on their phones account for less than one in twenty of mobile contracts on the market.

The under-24s are still the biggest texters and also the biggest spenders with around a third dedicating at least £30 per month to pay their mobile deals.

Do you plan to decrease the amount of money you spend on your mobile contracts or do you want to get more for your money?