UK Government Backtracks On Fibre Tax Review Promise

The new UK coalition government has backtracked on its pre-election promise to review tax on fibre-optics-based broadband lines.

The Minister for Communications, Culture and Creative industries Ed Vaizey has announced the government's decision to scrap its plan to review tax on fibre-optic broadband connections after a meeting with the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), tech news site ISP Review reported on Wednesday.

According to Computer Weekly, Vaizey gave the news at the launch of Vtesse Networks fibre-to-the-cabinet scheme.

He described the meeting with VOA as constructive, and stated that an official statement will be issued soon.

"No-one's prepared to take responsibility for the whole picture. We see policy shared between a bewildering array of government bodies and quangos. This is something I intend to fix. No matter that the VOA claims that this is just an extension of the existing policy - it's still damaging," Vaizey had said last year.

It remains to be seen how many other pre-election promises the government will break next. What do you think will be next? Tell us your views.