Viacom Files Appeal In YouTube Copyright Suit

Viacom has filed a lawsuit to appeal against a previous court ruling that exempted Google and YouTube from charges of copyright infringement.

The media company, on Wednesday, filed a case to appeal against a 23 June ruling by US District Court Judge Louis Stanton in US Second Court of Appeals in Manhattan, New York, news agency Reuters has reported.

Viacom had filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Google and its video streaming service YouTube for posting tens of thousands of media files that had been copyrighted by Viacom.

The company accused YouTube of generating revenue from the copyrighted content and claimed that Google knew about it and did nothing to stop the practise.

After the ruling, Viacom said: ”We are disappointed with the judge's ruling, but confident we will win on appeal.It is and should be illegal for companies to build their businesses with creative material they have stolen from others."

Viacom owns media channels such as MTV and Comedy Central.