Apple iAd Partners Happy With Results

Apple's iAd platform is getting good reviews from companies running adverts on the new system.

According to the Los Angeles Times, developers who have worked on the iAd mobile advertising network and companies who have registered with it are extremely happy with the initial response.

“We feel pretty strongly that this is the way to capitalise on where the mobile Web is heading. What iAd promises is the most aggressive thing I've seen to date," said Chad Jacoby, senior manager, media operations at Nissan.

Unilever has also said that its advertising deal with iAd has been a great success as more than 20 per cent of viewers have seen the advert several times.

Developers, such as, have also recorded success with their adverts. is said to have seen a 177 per cent hike in revenue since it enabling the iAd platform in its application.

More companies, including Campbell Soup, DirecTV, General Electric and Sears, are planning to join Apple’s mobile advertising platform in the near future.