Bethesda Parent ZeniMax Buys Arkane Studios

Bethesda Studio's parent company ZeniMax Media has announced the acquisition of Arkane Studios at the Quakecon 2010 games conference.

Arkane Studios are best known for developing the games Arx Fatalis and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.

ZeniMax said that Arkane Studios is currently developing a new game to be published by Bethesda, but failed to specify for what platform, genre or the game's title.

Arkane Studios, prior to the acquisition, was also heavily involved in the development of BioShock 2.

“We share so many creative values,” said Arkane creative director Raphael Colantonio.

“Joining the ZeniMax family will allow us to grow stronger while staying true to the games we love.”

ZeniMax is currently working on a number of in-house projects. Bethesda is slated to release new game titles such as Splash Damage's Brink, Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New Vegas, and inXile's Hunted: The Demon's Forge, in the coming months.