Gmail Hijacked By Hackers In China

Google's Gmail service in China has been hijacked by hackers, who are redirecting users to a fake log-in page to steal e-mail credentials.

According to a report by Fast Company, Gmail users in China have been complaining that when they access the website, they are automatically redirected to a fake Gmail page.

This happens when they attempt to access their accounts from the Google Toolbar or visit '' directly.

In a statement to Fast Company, a Google spokesperson said: “As always, users should be careful about where they share their personal information, and should avoid clicking through warnings about suspicious sites. We encourage Gmail users to visit directly.”

Fast Company suggests there might be a more sinister purpose behind the Gmail phishing attack, indicating that it might be an attempt to create mistrust around Google services, so that Chinese Internet users abandon it.

The people responsible for the attack have not yet been identified, but reports suggest that the phishing attack originated from a server located in Ürümqi, Xinjiang province, Northwest China.