Google And Skype May Face India Messaging Ban

Google and Skype could see their messaging services banned in India, unless the companies comply with government security regulations.

Citing a source within the government, news agency Reuters has said that the government has been studying Google's messaging service and Skype's internet telephony service for over a year.

Indian security agencies believe that Islamic terrorists and insurgents are using satellite phones, messenger services and Internet telephony to plan acts of terrorism on Indian soil.

The government claims that Pakistan-based militants used the services to pan a series of attacks in Mumbai in 2008, which led to the death of 166 people.

The Indian government has already set RIM a deadline of 31 August to provide security services with unencrypted access to messages sent from BlackBerry devices, or face a ban in the country.

A senior government employee told Reuters: “Wherever there is a concern on grounds of national security the government will want access and every country has a right to lawful interference.”