Google Defends Net Neutrality Position

Google has released a statement defending its latest net neutrality proposal, filed in partnership with US wireless service provider Verizon.

Richard Whitt, the Washington telecom and media counsel for Google clarified the company's stance towards net neutrality in a post made on the official Google Public Policy Blog, stating: “We don’t expect everyone to agree with every aspect of our proposal, but there has been a number of inaccuracies about it, and we do want to separate fact from fiction.”

He said that the company had not "sold out" on network neutrality. Whitt said that Google has been working "tirelessly" for the past 5 years in order to create some sort of net neutral environment.

Google also claims that the net neutrality proposal was formed to offer an open internet ecosystem for its users in the US.

This can be done by allowing FCC to impose regulations on ISPs to stop them from discriminating internet traffic.