Intel accidentally leaks new Atom details

It looks as though Intel is planning to take a 32nm-sized shot at ARM next year, when it releases its next generation Medfield" Atom CPUs for the smartphone market.

InfoWorld spotted a juicy document on Intel's website yesterday, which outlined a few details about the new chip. Unsurprisingly, Intel's internal police force has already intercepted the offending information, but you can currently still have a flick through it using Google's cache.

Intel has so far struggled to wedge itself into the smartphone market, which is currently dominated by various ARM-based chips. However, this could potentially change with the introduction of Medfield; a chip that's drastically smaller than Intel's current Moorestown-codenamed Atom chips.

According to the aforementioned document, Medfield will see Atom's chipset and CPU integrated into a single system-on-chip design codenamed Penwell. Comparatively, Moorestown requires a separate I/O controller, codenamed Langwell, in addition to the CPU.

Not only will everything be integrated into a single, smaller chip, but the fabrication process will also step down from 45nm to 32nm transistors. The result, according to the document, is a do-it-all chip measuring just 144m2, which is less than half the size of the 387mm2 taken up by a Moorestown CPU and chipset combo.

In addition to the reduced size, the leaked details also claim Medfield CPUs will offer up to four times the graphics performance of Moorestown, as well as reduced power consumption and improved battery life.

Interestingly, InfoWorld claims to have spotted more Penwell goodies on Intel's website, but these have now been taken down, and not even Google's cache could find them. If the site's claims are true, then another document on Intel's site hinted at Penwell chips running at 1.8GHz and 1.86GHz.