iPhone 5 claims miss the mark by a mile

Tech site Dvice is claiming that one of its secret sources has been fiddling with a brand new iPhone, but we're calling shenanigans.

The anonymous insider (colloquially known as 'fat bloke down the pub' in the UK) says he has had access to a new iPhone specifically designed for the USA's Verizon network. There's clue number one to the level of cobblers this story sinks to. Apple has never - and will never - design a product to anyone else's specifications other than its own. It doesn't have to.

The Cupertino company is better at industrial design than any other company on earth. That's a fact. No amount of whiny stories about dropped calls from desperate hacks who have never owned an iPhone 4 will ever change it. The whole Antennagate saga was propagated by anti-Apple sheep who were thrown a non-story and refused to let it go. (Yes, I own an iPhone and no, I've never had a dropped call.) [He's only made two. Ed]

The Dvice yarn insists that the new Verizon iPhone will have an internal antenna. Clue number 2. The day Apple admits that there was a flaw in the design of the iPhone 4 antenna is the day Steve Jobs gives a keynote wearing a tutu and a hat made of bananas.

Fundamentally changing the design so soon after the launch of the Iphone 4, and while it is still selling as fast as Apple's Chinese manufacturing partners can churn them out, would be suicidal.

Millions of iPhone 4 owners would be beating down Apple's doors demanding refunds. They won't change the antenna design... they CAN'T change the antenna design. It would be a devastating admission of culpability and would sink the company quicker than you could say 'world's biggest class-action law suit'.

I'm not saying there's nothing wrong with the current design, far from it. I'm just saying Apple won't say there's anything wrong with it. In fact, I'd be happy to bet that Apple won't dramatically change the design of the stainless steel rim antenna for at least a couple of iterations, just to prove its point.

The Dvice mole was also unable to confirm whether the slightly larger 3.7 inch screen was one of Apple's new Retina Displays. Clue three. Anyone who has even the faintest clue about smartphones would instantly recognise a Retina Display. It is by far and away the sharpest screen ever seen on a mobile device and even to the naked eye is easily identified as such.

As much as we love to see the launch of a new Apple product we just can't believe these rumours. There's a possibility that there are prototype iPhones floating around doing field testing for the CDMA cellular chip which would be required if Apple were to supply Verizon, but that's as far as we're willing to bend on this one.

The world hasn't had even close to its fill of the iPhone 4 yet, so why would Apple queer its own pitch with the iPhone 5?