'Live' fantasy football game hits web

An online fantasy football game that you play as matches are beamed live on the telly has launched, just as the new season kicks off.

Picklive is designed to let you play along with Premier League matches as they happen. You choose players for 10 minutes and get points for everything they do. You score if they do, or "assist" and also if they make decent passes, tackles or interceptions.

Or something like that. It's all a bit complicated if you ask us, but the rules are here, should you fancy a bash.

There's a free game you can play just for for fun and a betting version of the game where 'pickers' stake £1 per game to win a share of the prize allocation.

Creator Tim Morgan seems to have told the Press Association: "Our final test phase took place throughout the World Cup and went better than we could ever have hoped for, so we are extremely excited about the impact of the new Premiership season.

He reckons it's "a totally unique take on fantasy football and offers a chance to play against mates and prove your one-upmanship throughout the match."