MySpace Unveils Revamped Homepage

MySpace has unveiled a revamped version of the website's homepage, which many have noticed is uncannily similar to rival social network Facebook.

The new changes to the homepage bring two new information streams for users. One is for viewing updated status messages from friends, and the other can be used for keeping a track of all content being shared on the platform.

The update is a part of MySpace's attempt to revamp the platform to increase its dwindling user base, which has halved since Facebook arrived on the scene.

The preview of the new homepage was released last night, ahead of the 19 August launch.

The new update also brings two new tabs on the homepage, 'My Stuff' and 'Recommendations'.

The 'My Stuff' tab will allow users to access their photos, videos and music without leaving the homepage, while the 'Recommendations' section will show recommendations made by the platform, like 'Featured Games', 'Recommended Events' and 'People You May Know'.