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News@5: Xbox 360 Outsells Nintendo Wii, Google Defends Net Neutrality Stance & Facebook

Facebook is set to make over $1 billion in advertising revenue in 2010, interent firm eMarketeer has predicted. The market research firm said that advertisers will be spend $1.3 billion for promoting their brands on the platform. eMarketeer also predicted that the revenue will rise to $1.7 billion in 2011.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 games console has overtaken Nintendo's Wii as the most sold console in the US for July, reaching the top-spot for the first time in three years. Sales of Sony's PlayStation 3 also saw a rise in July, increasing by 76 per cent to 214,500 units.

Microsoft has showcased a new concept keyboard for desktop computers. The Adaptive Keyboard prototype comes with an LCD touch screen above the top row of keys, designed to display important shortcut icons and document previews.

Google has released a statement defending its latest net neutrality proposal, filed in partnership with US wireless service provider Verizon. Google has said that it has not "sold out" on net neutrality and had been working "tirelessly" for the past 5 years to create some sort of net neutral environment.

VirnetX has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple, accusing it of using its patents in its iPhone and iPad devices. The lawsuit filed against Apple involves two VirnetX patents, one of which was involved in a previous lawsuit against Microsoft. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.