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Pure Launches Flow Songs Music Download Service

DAB radio manufacturer Pure is set to release a music service that allows users to download their favourite music directly from its DAB/web and FM radios.

Pure has announced the launch of Flow Songs, set to start from 16 August, which will allow users to purchase any song they hear on Pure radios connected to Internet, tech news site THINQ has reported.

The cloud-based service enables listeners to receive song information through song-recognition service Shazam. When users hear a song they like on the radio, by pressing a button on their internet-connected radio, Shazam will search its database for the song information/. If Shazam recognises the song, then users will be given the option of purchasing it.

The Flow Songs service currently only available on Pure’s vanti Flow, Oasis Flow, Siesta Flow, Evoke Flow or Sensia radios and users have to register their radios online with Pure to access the service.

The song purchased will be stored in user’s account in mp3 format and can be transferred to any device, any number of times.

Flow Songs is available for free on a 90 days trial subscription. Annual subscription will cost£2.99, whereas songs are priced anywhere between 79p to £1.29 to purchase.