Quake maker outs iPhone Rage demo

The company behind the Quake series of games, id software, as unleashed an impressive demo of it's latest gaming engine for the iPhone.

The company's John Carmack showcased the short demo during his keynote speech at this year's QuakeCon shindig much to the amazement of the gathered crowd.

As you can see from the video below the demo, which runs at a reported 60 fames per second on the latest iPhone 4, uses megatextures and dynamic lighting to create an eerie scenario populated by rather cheery waving zombies.

Carmack says the new game engine can rival anything seen on PS2 or the old school Xbox, and might even give the current generation of games consoles a run for their money.

id Software is well known for building brilliant game engines which are used by third-party devleopers to create much even games. The Half Life series was built using id's Quake Engine code.

All we need now is for someone to come up with a cheap hardware add-on which gives the iPhone 4 proper PSP-style buttons and joysticks and we could have some truly killer games on our hands... literally.