Is The Tesco £6 SIM Only Deal The Best Around?

Tesco Mobile announced earlier today the release of a £6 SIM only tariff with 100 minutes and unlimited texts; on the face of it, the deal is a great one at a rock bottom price that's never been seen before.

The price is even more enticing given the fact that O2, which provides the network infrastructure to Tesco Mobile, charges £10 for the same package.

However, before rushing to get one, there are a few things to consider.

Should you spend more than 100 minutes per month on a regular basis, then costs will rise up quite quickly; 50 additional minutes will cost you £10.

If you only want to get unlimited texts and will not make more than 60 minutes worth of calls each month, it's better to stick to, the other MVNO that's backed by O2.

In addition, Giffgaff have cheaper costs for voice calls and for texts at 8p and 4p respectively, much cheaper than Tesco Mobile's.

Giffgaff users will get free internet until the end of September as well as free GG to GG calls and texts for three months everytime they top-up or buy a goody bag.

Furthermore, until the end of the month, Giffgaff has a half price sale where you can bag 100 minutes, unlimited texts and internet for £5.