Twitter & Tweetmeme Debut Official Tweet Button

Twitter announced today that it will collaborate with Tweetmeme on a new official Twitter button one that will allow UK-based Tweetmeme to have a much bigger access to the huge data mines of the social networking website.

Tweetmeme is the equivalent of Digg for Twitter, a user generated service that share links on Twitter without leaving the page they are visiting, comes with a counter and has found its way on countless websites.

Nick Halstead, the CEO of Tweetmeme, told the Telegraph that the deal between both company was not about the money although he did not reveal any more details.

Halstread also noted that Tweetmeme has generated more than 750 million daily retweet button impressions globally before saying that the startup will be assisting Twitter as it blanket bombs the web with them.

He explained that "We will be assisting Twitter with the technical challenges involved with the button and secondly we will be working even more closely in the future on delivering real-time curation of the Twitter Firehose."

Facebook, one of Twitter's main rivals, came up with a similar "Like" button which has quickly been adopted by online publishers eager to embrace social media.

The partnership of Tweetmeme with Twitter also opens the possibility of an outright acquisition of the former by the latter sometimes in the future.